What was the „Leader of Pharmaceutical Sciences” competition?

This event selected the best doctoral thesis defended at the Pharmaceutical Faculty of one of Poland’s 10 Medical Universities. This ambitious undertaking was patronized by such personalities:

  • president of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society
  • president of the Foundation for Polish Science

Konkurst was organized by Gazeta Farmaceutyczna (Pharmaceutical Gazette).

What was the purpose of this event?

The aim of the Competition was to popularize among adepts of Pharmaceutical Faculties the work on such scientific studies, the final result of which is effective cooperation with industry. The organizers and patrons of the competition were keen to select from among the submitted works the best ones. They had to be characterized by an element of applicability, which promises that after passing the necessary tests, they can be used in the production of new molecules, molecules, new active substances or new forms of administration.

Who judged the pharmaceutical science leadership competition?

The Competition Committee consisted of recognized Polish scientists and didacticians. Universities whose students were honored received Scientia Nobilitat medals. Authors of the best doctoral theses – the title of Leader of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a cash prize and the opportunity to complete an internship in a renowned laboratory of a pharmaceutical company known for producing modern drugs.